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Creative Precision Machining Solutions

With a commitment to precision in production machining excellence, at Omni we are dedicated to transforming your engineering concepts into reality, ensuring each project is executed with the utmost skill and efficiency. 

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Our team of experts will work with you to create an innovative solution that meets your needs. We maintain flexibility and quality, and we’ll deliver your solution on time.
At Omni, whether it’s crafting complex components or solving unique engineering challenges, our team is equipped with the knowledge, technology, and passion to meet and exceed your expectations.Our facility is a hub of technological advancement, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC mills, 6-axis lathes, and CMM’s, that stand at the forefront of precision and quality. This cutting-edge technology is the cornerstone of our operations, enabling us to deliver high-precision machined parts consistently.


Custom Aluminum Machining for specialized projects or standard production runs.


Precision Steel CNC Machining Services with cutting-edge technology & skilled machinists.


Top-tier plastic machining services that set the standard in the industry.


Stainless CNC machining with unparalleled precision and durability in every component. 

CNC Production Machining

Omni Die offers innovative, precise CNC production machining, excelling in quality, efficiency, and custom solutions for diverse industry needs.
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Specialty Fixtures 

Omni's advanced Fixture solutions enhance precision, productivity, and consistency in machining and assembly processes.
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Machining ER

Omni Die Machining ER specializes in emergency response machining, providing rapid, reliable, and precise solutions for critical industry needs.
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Industries We Servce

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Office Furniture

From the smallest pieces, we know how important office furniture is for productivity and comfort. Our clients to look for us for mid to high volume and low volume unique solutions.


Engineering high-performance automotive parts, ensuring each component contributes to the overall excellence of the vehicle.


From the production of aluminum machined parts for trains and trucks to streamlined components essential for modern public transit systems.


We machine parts that endure harsh conditions supporting the industry's machinery and equipment with components designed for longevity and reliability.


Our expertise and cutting-edge technology converge to deliver superior components and systems for a broad spectrum of hydraulic applications.


We work closely with defense contractors to understand their unique requirements, ensuring that each product we deliver aligns perfectly with their operational and strategic needs.

Healthcare & Educational Furniture

Whether its in a school, doctor’s office or hospital we have supplied components for the furniture to make these settings comfortable.
ISO Certification

Quality Alone is Not Enough.

Omni is an ISO:9001-2015 certified business. We consistently evaluate and identify areas for improvement in our processes to ensure we produce the best products possible. We operate 17 precision CNC machines in our Holland, MI facility, which are capable of creating small components requiring precision features with tolerances of up to 0.001”.
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Successful Execution.
Emphasis on Quality.

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