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Creative Precision Machining Solutions

At Omni, we are known as a reliable source of Precision Machining to our customers in helping to identify their needs and partner on a solution. We promise to respond quickly, adapt to the changing needs of your business, and deliver quality responses for your projects.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our clients with exceptional products and services while balancing quality and price, providing a value they can carry through to their customers.

In order to accomplish this, we also want to provide a pleasant, nurturing and positive work environment which encourages our employees to be the best version of themselves while on the job.

In order to sustain our vision, we will do so through continuous improvement in terms of application of new technologies and best business practices along with opportunities for personal growth.
We also will strive to develop a balanced portfolio of markets we serve.

Our Story

Adapt & Grow

Founded in 1964 in Holland, Michigan, Omni established ourselves by manufacturing trim dies for die-casters and tooling for wire spring manufacturers in West Michigan. However, as the automotive industry shifted to plastic, Omni adapted with it, using our expertise in the assembly and testing of plastic parts. Throughout the years, we expanded to produce specialty equipment, test fixtures, and assembly equipment for several significant manufacturers. In the West Michigan community, Omni has now grown to be a well-respected precision machining company.
We continue to grow in the precision machining space as well as light assembly and are recognized as a leader in production machined components for numerous industries. From concept to creation, Omni will partner with you to see your idea or product to completion quickly and with an emphasis on quality and precision. We have been recognized for Operational Excellence in Precision Machining in West Michigan and beyond.

Integrity + 
Teamwork + 

Honesty + Integrity

We value creating products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for performance, quality, and durability.

Customer Experience

At Omni we value our customers and work to create the best experience from concept to completion. We treat each customer as a partner, listening to your input and working as a team to machine the highest quality components to exacting specifications.

Adapt + Adjust

We have a long history of taking on special challenges with quick turnarounds, with a response time that is second to none in our industry. When other companies say no, at Omni, our capacity is set up to provide the timeline to say, “yes.”


Our team is what makes Omni work. Omni has a team of engineers, builders and machine operators who work together to optimize and maintain a smooth workflow.

Commitment to Quality in Precision Machining

From supporting customers to meet critical deadlines to reworking parts to complete a rapid turnaround, the Omni team is committed to solving your organizations biggest challenges in quality delivery and accuracy. From our experienced in-house engineering team to our precision machining technicians, it is Omni's aim to be your best performing supplier. The awards in our trophy case are evidence of our commitment.
Larry Engelsman
Director of Technical Sales
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Steve Nienhuis
Business Development
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ISO Certification

Quality Alone is Not Enough.

Omni is an ISO:9001-2015 certified business. We consistently evaluate and identify areas for improvement in our processes to ensure we produce the best products possible. We operate 19 precision CNC machining centers in our Holland, MI facilities capable of machining a wide array of parts and raw materials to tight tolerances where required.

Let our team partner with you on your next precision machining project.

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