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Steve Nienhuis

Business Development

With over three decades of experience at Omni, Steve brings a unique blend of expertise to the team at Omni, marked by unwavering integrity and exceptional adaptability.

Steve's journey in the business world began as the Vice President at M&S Industrial Sales, focusing on automotive, medical, and office furniture industries. Since joining Omni in 1994, he has played a pivotal role in business development, contributing significantly to the company's position as a leading production machining manufacturer.

Omni specializes in machining aluminum extrusions, plastics, steel, castings,specialty metals, and solid aluminum components, Steve's expertise caters to OEM manufacturers in diverse sectors, including office furniture, hydraulics, specialty automotive, defense, and medical industries. 

Colleagues and clients alike praise Steve for his exceptional qualities. Integrity is a cornerstone of his approach, and foundational to his commitment of putting clients first, even at a personal cost. Steve's adaptability is evident as he navigates the evolving changes and disruptive technologies within the industry, consistently staying ahead and embracing change as our industry has evolved.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Steve actively serves as a Board Member for People Helping People, reflecting his dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

Connect with Steve at: steveN@Omnidie.com and experience the expertise and values that define Steve by connecting with him for a quote on your next project. His mission extends beyond just business development; it is rooted in integrity, adaptability, and a history of long-lasting client relationships.

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